Evoke Click Actions
Evoke Screen Shot
Actions, such as entering a Page Series for the first time, clicking on a button on a Page, selecting a peice of data, navigating to another part of the App, entering data, etc can all have Evoke click actions associated with them. Evoke Click Actions are powerfull functional commands that can be processed during the normal running of your App. You can use a single Click Action or process multiple Click Actions based on a single action.
There are many different uses for Click Actions, you can review a full list of current click actions.
Just some of the many functions of Click Actions are:
  • Populating Data Sources with information/data from the database, Saving data back to the backend database.

  • Assigning, adding, manipulating data/creating new records in the database

  • Processing Adaptations, showing hidden Segments, etc

  • Navigation; navigate down to Child pages, sidways to Siblings, up to parents/grandparents; All navigation

  • Retreiving related data associated with selected data

  • Validation, UI enable/disable, forcing events such as Save/cancel, opening external browers sessions (to display a web page etc)

  • Plus multiple other actions

Using Click Actions
Whereever Click Actions can be used, you have the option of setting a caption, action type and actionid (please see Navigation/Grid actions example opposite). The exceptions to this are actions on page load and actions on button click/selection that do not have a separate caption.