Pages - Colours

The colors tab, within Pages, is structured into seperate distint areas:
  • Designer Surface Settings

    The designer surface settings allow you reset the WYSIWYG display area so that it displays based on a specific device (iphone, smartwatch, android tablet, desktop device, etc). Alternatively you can specifically set a screen size (using the Height and width options) or change the styling to see how the difference device cultures change the look and feel of your screen design.
  • App Colors

    The App Colors tab provides access to the color palettes and default data segment color settings that are either a) provided as thre default palettes and settings in new Eoke apps or b) If colors were set in a theme the palettes and settings of that theme are available for reference.
  • Data Segment Colors Setting

    Tabs are provided for desktop, Android, iOS and Windows (UWP) data segment areas that can be used to override, on the selected segment, any default theme color settings that may have been set App wide.
    The areas that can be defined/re-defined are:
    • Background/border

    • Header Background

    • Header Text

    • Body Background

    • Body text (prompts)

    • Body text (data)

    • Body Buttons

    • Body Buttons text

    On the iOS, Android and Windows (UWP) tabs there is also an option to "Use Desktop colours for iOS/Android/Windows (UWP)" which will automatically apply any colors you have set in your Desktop color settings to iOS, Android and/or Windows (UWP) color settings.
    iOS and Android also have further settings to accomodate their "culture" specifics:
    • Widget row divider line (iOS) - set the color of the divider used by iOS

    • Use rounder body corners (iOS) - change the iOS culture corners to rounded corners

    • On-focus input underscore (Android) - set the color of the underscore (at the bottom edge of input fields) used by Android