Deployment of Web Apps

Once a web App has been generated it needs deployed so that users can access it through a browser. Usually a web app is accessed via a URL on a web server. The two Visual Studio folders (Repository and Web) that are located on your computer in the file locations specified in "target folder" (see screenshot on right) must be copied to the web server.
When the folders have been copied to the web server it is good practice to edit the file web.config located in the web folder. There are several editing tools that can edit this file including notepad. An image of the wbe.config file appears below, click on the file to open a larger image.

The parameter Compilation debug="true" (highlighted) is automatically set by Visual Server when you initiall build your app, setting this to "False" will dramatically reduce the size/footprint of your app.
In order for users to access your web app you will need to have a URL that users can enter into their browsers.
This will require you to set up a domain name binding so URL directed to web server finds it way the web folder that you have copied onto the web server i.e create an application in IIS that points to the folder location.

It is important that the database that the app will access is accessable from the websever