Evoke Filter Operators

* or ] (as last char)
Starts with
* or [ (as first char)
Ends with
[ ]
Contains (case sensitive)
Less than
Less than or equal to
Greater than
greater than or equal to
To invert the result, prefixfilter value with '!'
To make content searches case insensitive, prefix value with '~'
To combine result inversion and case insensitive seach, prefix filter value with '!~'
Example#1: Age >= 18 Age greater than or equal to 18
Example#2: FirstName ] Jo FirstName starting with 'Jo'
Example#3: LastName!~[son LastName (case sensitive) not ending with 'son'

The initial Filter Criteria field can also include special Evoke system values. Special system values that can be used are:
"$index" For example, an initial filter setting of: $index < 5 will result in only the first 5 items in the root datasource being contained within the refined dataource (index values are zero-based). The =, >, >=, < and <= operators are supported for the $index property.