Sorting, Searching and Filtering

Evoke provides the option for you to give your users the ability to Search, Sort or Filter any DataGrid that you populate with data. The image on the right show where the option appears in the deployed App.
To Enable searching, sorting and filtering for an App user:
  • First, you must have a Refined DataSource

  • In the Template for the data grid, in General settings check

    • Column sort enabled and/or

    • Column Filter enabled

When you check the column sort or column filter enabled options the message "Please ensure that all page segments using this template are bound onto a refined datasource" will appear and app validation (in the generation of an app design) will check and warn you if they are not refined datasources.

When using the App, the user will see the menu shown allowing them to sort, search or filter. There is also a "Column Filters Help" option which will display, within the app, the Grid Filter Operators to help the user.
If data paging is used then the search or sort will only operate on the data retrieved to the app through the paging and not on the backend database file data.

Sorting AlphaNumeric data in columns as Numeric data
If you want to sort on an AlphaNumeric field as if it were a number then use the Template Widget option Numeric Coercion - (available in multi entity data grids only and only on AlphaNumeric properties). When checked this forces Evoke to see an alphanumeric number as a numeric number when sorting is used on the datagrid.