BlueFinity Partners
There are multiple ways of working as a partner with BlueFinity for Evoke, each approach providing a way of enhancing revenue opportunities for the partner. BlueFinity has established partners for Evoke in various parts of the world, working with them in different ways according to the partners aspirations and capabilities.
Potential ways of working
  • Develop apps yourselves to sell to customers - As a front end to one of your existing products (to provide an enhanced product offering) or as a stand-alone app
  • Create apps on behalf of your customers
  • Promote Evoke for use by your customers so that they can create their own apps
  • Create your own apps for use internally
Whichever way Evoke can create a revenue stream
  • Commission for each sale - Developer License and Subscriptions for ongoing revenue stream from monthly payments
  • Opportunity to sell services alongside Evoke as a developer of apps for customers or to more closely support customers developments
  • Opportunities for increasing sales of other applications by enhancing existing product lines with integrated apps
The partnership can broadly take three different forms;
  • Introducer where the introduction to a potential client is made and general assistance is provided to BlueFinity in maintaining on-going contact with the company
  • Partner providing introductions, assistance in the sales process and the capability to offer services to develop apps or assist customers in the development of their apps
  • Distributor who would be responsible for managing the sales process and the customers, handling Evoke demonstrations to potential clients and providing product support to customers

Generally, partners see the 'commission' as being only part of their revenue potential from Evoke. Their main opportunities would come from creating apps that can be sold to multiple customers as well as developing custom apps on behalf of their customers. It also offers enhanced opportunity for provision of additional services related to the implementation and support of the apps themselves.