Sales Order Processing App

The Evoke Sales Order Processing app is designed to provide a comprehensive and easy to use method of search, display, purchase and tracking for any line of products. It is suitable for deployment by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. For each organisation, it provides the app configured for direct access by the organisations sales team and/or its customers as well as a management configured app which oversees activities and provides approvals where required. It offers the core functionality necessary to meet the general requirements of your customers and your company, and will provide you with the ability to easily customise or onward develop the app to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and your customers (See What is Evoke).

The app adapts instantly to Android, Windows and IOS operating systems, working on iphones, watches, android tablets and phones, ipads, Windows desktops, Macs, etc.



Access order history; track deliverie;, make new orders; communicate with company.


  • Full access to previous order history
  • Tracking for order delivery
  • Establish new purchase orders or reorder from order history (with amend and delete) for ease of use)
  • Access to (and amend) customer profile
  • Exchange emails between company and customer directly from the app



Instant access to product range; order products online; sales team access all supplier details.


  • Instant access to product range or select by product (including details, price, pictures etc.)
  • Facility to order products on-line (directly by your customers or by the internal sales team)
  • Sales team have access to all supplier details for each product line (including availability and price)

Order History

Order History

Access order history; obtain order status; reorder facility; review delivery dates.

Order History:

  • Access to (recent and long term) order history
  • Obtain status of each order
  • Option to reorder from previous orders history (with facility to amend and delete previous details)
  • Past or expected delivery dates/times



Oversee customers, Suppliers, Sales team; review pending orders; approve pending orders; review communications.


  • Oversee Customer, Supplier and User profiles
  • Review pending orders and set the appropriate supplier for each product order
  • Give approvals against pending orders following review
  • Monitor and review email exchanges in respect of product related communication

Features & Benefits 

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Provides a service to your customers that gives them the convenience of instant access to up-to-date product information, order history, delivery status and the option to place orders on-line.
  • Gives the customer the option of controlling their activities on-line or to elect to conduct business through your sales team.

Benefits for the Sales Team:

  • Maintain and monitor your customers account activity to provide them with improved service levels.
  • Optionally supports a personal level of service by placing orders, discussed in person or by telephone, on their behalf.
  • bility to review supplier prices and availability, and select best supplier for that order.

Benefits for the Management:

  • Maintains control over ordering process by providing for approval of individual orders by management level.

Benefits for your Company:

  • Delivers an app that can be deployed across multiple devices and platforms, making it suitable for your company's diverse customer base.
  • By using the facilities available to it from the Evoke Rapid App Development product, your company can easily customise and onward develop the app, to create an app to your exact requirements and 'look and feel'
  • rovides all the facilities you need for the full integration of the app with your back office systems and databases.

BlueFinity International, have a number of Apps, created using Evoke in conjuction with customers, that serve as demonstration apps, seed apps for utilisation and onward development using Evoke and, in some cases, full function, hosted, "out of the box" apps that can be used by individual companies. The Sales Order Processing App is available meeting all 3 of these criteria.