BlueFinity Keeps Pace with Evolving Application Development Landscape

In accordance with the BlueFinity roadmap, the development team at BlueFinity International has released a new version of its flagship product: mv.NET.   mv.NET combines the power and flexibility of proven MultiValue technology with the feature-rich Microsoft .NET environment. Its seamless integration with Visual Studio provides a potent rapid application development environment fine-tuned for the MultiValue developer.
The latest release continues the rollout of important enhancements designed to provide the MultiValue community with increased longevity by enabling an even greater range of choice in the development of dynamic, enterprise class, MultiValue-based user interfaces and applications.

"Today's increasingly competitive market makes it crucial for resellers and developers of MultiValue applications to keep up with rapidly evolving end user expectation and demand," explains BlueFinity's CEO, Pete Loveless. "End user clients who have invested extensive time and money into their trusted MultiValue business applications don't want to turn away from their investment in order to get the modern look and feel they require. And proposing a migration to a completely new solution increases the risk that they might look at your competitors if they feel they are at the point of reinventing the wheel. mv.NET allows the MultiValue reseller to modernize their existing applications quickly, cost effectively, and with significantly less risk. They can deliver a modern, sophisticated look and feel to their existing customers while keeping all of the functionality and features of their proven solution. New accounts can be approached with an application that provides a stylish, modern GUI interface and a solid, proven, MultiValue back end that rivals the competition in terms of features, functions, performance, stability and efficiency."

How Does it Work?

mv.NET enables developers to quickly and easily create a highly cohesive business layer which is made up of .NET code modules in either C# or VB.NET allowing non-MultiValue developers to access and utilize the platform in ways which they find familiar and comfortable. This allows developers to focus on the task of creating line-of-business solutions and not on the database 'plumbing' at the back end.
The business layer is built upon all of the rich features of the existing business logic and MultiValue DataBASIC code. All entities can, when required, interact with this business functionality, giving a controlled and consistent business logic implementation.
This results in much faster, more effective application development and reduced on-going support costs, especially when combined with the RAD tooling that mv.NET provides for the rapid creation of menus and forms.
Since the business layer presents MultiValue data in a generic, widely consumable manner, it allows the full range of today's vibrant 3rd party tools to be used to deliver cutting-edge, visually compelling GUI interfaces to MultiValue-based applications.
� mv.NET also allows for a phased development approach, reducing the risk of downtime. Roll out can be based upon the customers' ability to absorb the enhanced application rather than the schedule being dictated solely by having a fully functional GUI equivalent.

"The times of building it all yourself are gone for good," states Loveless. "A new pattern of using best of breed tools and services has emerged to allow sophisticated software to be created in acceptable timescales and budgets. �It is in recognition of this reality that BlueFinity continues to lead the market in its provision of MultiValue centric tools for the most widely used and serviced application development environment on the planet - Microsoft .NET. And, in doing so, allowing MultiValue-based resellers and end users to utilize both the immense range of application development tools and the huge pool of .NET aware application developers in order to meet the significant challenges of this rapidly evolving application software development landscape."

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About BlueFinity

BlueFinity International, part of the Mpower1 group of companies, supplies leading-edge software development tools and consultancy services to the MultiValue database and Microsoft developer communities. Its flagship product - mv.NET - is a comprehensive solution for developers wishing to access MultiValue databases from within Microsoft's .NET environment.