BlueFinity announces a new generation Rapid App Development Platform for business

Developing and deploying the right business apps are a proven way of helping companies become more efficient and profitable. Business apps that integrate with existing IT infrastructures or provide new applications can either help management teams and employees run their operations more effectively, or can be a really effective way to better engage customers to boost growth.

To date, the creation and implementation of quality and high functionality apps has been considered challenging, resource intensive and expensive. Many companies have been deterred because of concerns about the speed and cost of development, how to cope with multiple device types, the integration with different databases or existing systems, changing business requirements and technology, and how to ensure growth potential and flexibility in to the future.

Today BlueFinity International has provided a solution with the release of Evoke, a new Rapid Business App Development platform. Evoke is a cost-effective product that delivers web, hybrid and native apps, it integrates with all major SQL and MultiValue databases and can be deployed across multiple devices and platforms, all from a single design project.

Designed for the rapid development and deployment of mobile, desktop and web apps, Evoke allows companies to build business apps more easily and to extend their enterprise applications to customers, employees, and partners in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

It offers all the major features of a typical RAD environment, including menu creation, integration of device specific features, styling and data management, along with a WYSIWYG screen designer. A key benefit of Evoke is that it is future proof - no matter how much the business needs change or technology evolves, it still offers an unlimited growth path.

Evoke offers an extensive array of UI widgets, dynamic adaptations and industry standard component integration to support the deployment of apps across all major platforms and devices, all from a single design and code set. All the major devices including the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop are supported and can dynamically adapt a single user interface design so that multiple screen sizes and operating systems of these various devices are provided for, and the users of each device is presented with optimum visual displays.

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The powerful Evoke designer provides developers with everything they need to produce high quality business apps. They can quickly and cost effectively build interfaces, define and manage data, and use Evoke's unique business logic components to create apps. As the business requirements change then speedy enhancements can be made to the app in the Evoke designer. With its single design structure, changes only need to be made once and the revised app can be immediately generated, automatically incorporating any customization, for your multiple devices.

Malcolm Carroll a director of BlueFinity said, 'Evoke guides developers through all aspects of design - supporting them every step of the way. Its extensive functionality and the sheer usability of the product means companies no longer need to recruit specialist development staff to produce sophisticated apps. Following initial familiarisation, existing staff who know the business inside out will quickly be able to start developing apps'.

The cloud-based development process means that management and business users can be fully involved by reviewing the app at various stages of its build, and will be able to pass comment and make suggestions. This ensures the development becomes a truly iterative process, resulting in better apps that meet genuine business requirements.

Data management is also one of the fundamental design features of Evoke. The system presents multiple options for designing apps without being restricted by the way the data is held. Multiple databases (including all the major SQL and MultiValue databases) can be used and accessed in a single app, and the information can be combined for optimum use in the app design. Evoke’s sophisticated data modelling ensures that the apps can easily be fully integrated with back-end systems, and that there is immediate synchronisation of data between user devices and the back-end databases and systems.

Businesses also have a choice of how to deploy their apps as Evoke will support the generation of Web apps, Hybrid apps or as full, industry-standard Visual Studio and Xamarin projects which can be deployed as native apps or form part of the onward development programme.

Carroll adds, 'This is a really powerful aspect of Evoke. Businesses can start by developing a web app, and quickly deploy it, achieving instant benefits and a fast return. But at any stage, they can choose to progress to a hybrid or native app or to Visual Studio or Xamarin projects that you can customise and enhance further. As each stage can be based on the last, they won’t be wasting or duplicating any of their design or development efforts.'

Evoke is designed to offer the best of both worlds; fast, cost effective development and deployment of business apps, and the option to progress to a fully native environment, all the while benefitting from the flexibility of Evokes single design structure.

Although BlueFinity is only now formally releasing Evoke, the product already boasts a strong and rapidly growing client base with customers in the US, UK and Europe.


About BlueFinity

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, has been delivering development and integration tools for major companies operating business critical applications on a range of databases for over ten years based.

Building on an unrivalled knowledge of SQL and MultiValue based databases and Microsoft's .NET development tooling, Bluefinity now introduces Evoke to meet the challenge faced by CIO/CTO's worldwide to deploy line-of-business applications on mobile devices.

BlueFinity is committed to a continuous development programme for Evoke, ensuring its partners and customers will always be able to take advantage of the very latest of technological innovations to deploy multi-platform, multi-operating system based business applications.