Build Web and/or Native Apps
Evoke's leading-edge, low-code/no-code, approach to the development of apps provides you with the ultimate flexibility in creating the business app that your customers/users want and that your business needs.

Using Evoke you are able to use familiar methods to create and modify the App UI design, easily add functionality from the extensive Evoke widget and component libraries and then let Evoke generate the design into the app source code, which is delivered directly to your personal computer.
You can then simply deploy your app as a web app (that works in all browsers, on all devices and with all size screens) to your chosen web server.
Alternatively, you can let Evoke guide you through a further step to generate a native app (targeted to different operating systems and device types) and then deploy that via the app stores.

Web App

Simply use the Evoke WYSIWYG designer to set up different color themes, fonts, styles, menus, languages, navigation and security. Connect to and manage your data and documents using Evoke's in-built Wizards. Add content with graphs, widgets, images (even 360° photos with hotspots), shopping carts, payments, calculators, etc.
And let Evoke turn this into the deployable app that you can simply copy to a web server and allow your users to access via IIS (a standard URL) in their preferred browser.
Evoke will take care of all the browser independence and management (Evoke apps work in all browsers), the data selections, operating system independence (IOS, Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux, etc), reading and writing to the database, etc. It will even give you the option to re-use existing code or create new custom subroutines, for seamless inclusion in to your web app, via Evoke's unique 'code hooks'.

Evoke will turn the app design, that you have created using the Evoke App designer with drag & drop/point & click/option select, into ready to use, deployable app code in a structured, standard Visual Studio project. You will always be able to access your full and complete app source code as it is created and made available, by Evoke, directly on your desktop computer.
A fully functional web app can be designed, generated and deployed through Evoke within weeks, even days. Evoke's flexible and multi-functional designer provides you with all you need to produce your own apps and create new systems or extend existing enterprise systems, rapidly and to your exact business specifications.
All the options are yours and the complete lifecycle management of the solution you choose, to design, release and customise to maintain support for changing business requirements, is always supported through Evoke.

Native App

Evoke enables you, in just a few clicks, to take the app design you have created, design and add a native app icon plus any device specific functionality, you may wish to add, and then generate a complete native app that is deployable to Apple, Google, Windows and other app stores.
Evoke native apps can interact with device data ports, support online and offline use (via a configurable integrated device-resident database) and include the advanced functions we have become used to as part of native apps.
The powerful Evoke generator will create complete industry standard IDE (Visual Studio and/or VS-Xamarin) solutions, with all of the respective projects (apps) appropriate to your selected target device(s). By encompassing the specific OS build processes it will provide you with a ready to deploy native app and the foundation for customisation, onward development and unlimited growth. You will always be able to access your full and complete app source code, in a standard Visual Studio solution structure, that is created directly on your PC.

The key to this in both web and native apps is Evokes 'single design' concept. Design your App and you can use that same design, no matter how you want to deploy it. When business requirements change then you return to the same design for customisation. Even if you elect to deploy as a native app, Evoke will always monitor your work and will take in to account the inclusion of new or existing customised code and 3rd party tools and component libraries you decide to use. Evoke will then detect and preserve all of your additional code, when generating a new version of the App. This unique process allows you to return to the Evoke designer whenever you need to, customise through Evoke whilst maintaining and preserving any custom work you have added.

The apps you create as a single app design using Evoke can work in all the different browsers available (including Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc), on all the different operating systems (including iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, etc) and on all the different device types (desktop computers (Windows and Apple), laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even watches).