Generate Web, Hybrid or Native Apps

Evoke's leading-edge approach to the development and deployment of apps provides you with the ultimate flexibility giving you the options as to how and when you deploy your apps. Develop using the advanced functionality of Evoke and you can elect to deploy as a web app and later progress to a hybrid or native solution. Or perhaps generate directly to Visual Studio or Xamarin Projects to produce native solutions from the start. All the options are yours and the complete lifecycle management of the solution you choose, to design, release and customise to maintain support for changing business requirements, is always supported through Evoke.

Web App A fully functional web app can be designed, generated and deployed through Evoke within weeks, even days. Evoke's flexible and multi-functional designer provides you with all you need to produce your own apps and extend enterprise systems, rapidly and according to your business specifications.

Hybrid Use the same design, the same app and Evoke provides you with the facilities to convert this app in to a fully functional Hybrid solution. You can take full advantage of session management, features such as soft keyboards and direct management of screen displays. Simply go back to Evoke, select your designed app and generate as a hybrid solution. This will create the app as a 'containerised' solution capable of being deployed on the device itself.

Native Finally you may elect to progress or migrate to a native app. And again Evoke provides you with the immediate capability to establish everything you require. Through Evoke, you again select the app you have already designed and you can generate as a 'native' app. The powerful Evoke generator will create complete Visual Studio or Xamarin projects appropriate to your target device(s), thus providing you with a working project and the foundation for customisation, onward development and unlimited growth.

The key to this is Evokes 'single design' concept. Design your App and you can use that same design, no matter how you want to deploy it. When business requirements change then you return to the same design for customisation. Even if you elect to deploy as a native solution, Evoke will always monitor your work and will take in to account the inclusion of customised code and 3rd party tools and components. Evoke will then detect and preserve all of your additional code, when generating a new version of the App. This unique process allows you to return to the Evoke designer whenever you need to, customise through Evoke whilst maintaining and preserving all the work you have done with custom code and components.