BlueFinity's mv.NET 4.3 Breaks New Ground with Super Easy RESTful Services Support

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of MultiValue companies, introduces an industry first in the easy creation of RESTful services for MultiValue database applications. This new functionality, available in the latest release of mv.NET 4.3, allows RESTful services to be created with literally a single click of a button on all the major MultiValue databases.

As David Cooper, Technical Lead at BlueFinity describes, "We had a number of key design goals when creating this new functionally. Firstly, we wanted to enable developers to generate industry standard RESTful services without having to be a network stack or HTTP guru. Secondly, we wanted to provide the developer with the best of both worlds - easy, automated service generation combined with fully customizable service content. Thirdly, but by no means least, we recognized the need to allow developers to host and deploy these services using non-proprietary, industry standard technologies that are able to integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise computing infrastructures."

This latest release of mv.NET follows BlueFinity's aggressive ongoing development plan aimed at enabling users to take advantage of the very latest of technological innovations from Microsoft and other key technology companies. mv.NET Version 4.3 allows applications from any flavor of MultiValue database to be deployed across any of the wide range of today's mobile interface devices using the very latest industry standard RIA technology. Developers can rapidly integrate MultiValue data and logic in HTML5, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WPF and any other .NET enabled Microsoft environments, servers and applications. Native applications can be produced for iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android using a common C# based development environment. Alternatively, browser based applications can be created using ASP.NET and HTML5 that adapt themselves to the appearance of native platforms without learning multiple mobile platform skill sets. .NET developers don't even need MultiValue knowledge to produce applications meaning organizations can utilize the massive resource pool of .NET developers to boost application development bandwidth and reduce development timescales.

Cooper continues, "We are incredibly excited to release this new functionality, not only because it provides really useful capabilities in its own right, but because it will be one of the main cornerstones of a number of great innovations coming out within the product over the coming months".

BlueFinity will demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to create RESTful services in a free webinar. Attendees will be shown how to generate RESTful services on a variety of sample MultiValue applications running on different mobile platforms including Windows 8. Details and registration.

Please contact us for more information.

About BlueFinity

BlueFinity International, part of the Mpower1 group of companies, supplies leading-edge software development tools and consultancy services to the MultiValue database and Microsoft developer communities. Its flagship product - mv.NET - is a comprehensive solution for developers wishing to access MultiValue databases from within Microsoft's .NET environment.