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BlueFinity's mv.NET 4.3 Release Details

The upcoming release of mv.NET is significant for several reasons. First, it provides what is arguably the simplest yet most powerful and flexible way of creating RESTful web services against a MultiValue database. Second, the integration with RESTful service support demonstrates the power and flexibility of the mv.NET entity modelling framework - a framework that sets BlueFinity apart from all of the other vendors in the MultiValue market space. Third, and by no means least, this release puts in place a number of key architectural features that will act as the cornerstone of a number of really exciting things that we at BlueFinity will be releasing over the coming year.
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Marine Pilots Get Electronic Touch Screen Technology at Port Castries

Marine Pilots at Port Castries, Saint Lucia, are now using a new electronic touch screen system, developed for them by Ideal Business Services Ltd, to track vessels at sea and to access cargo and cruise berthing logistics prior to and after vessel arrival and departure. As with other similar solutions, Ideal developed the new software solution using mv.NET from BlueFinity International. The system is accessed via a web browser.
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BlueFinity Integrates MultiValue with Leading Mobile Device Platforms

BlueFinity International is enhancing its leading mv.NET product to enable applications running on any flavor of MultiValue database to be deployed across any of the wide range of today's interface devices - workstations, tablets, browsers, handhelds, phones and other mobile devices. By building strong working relationships with the leading technology players in the mobile platform arena, BlueFinity enables mv.NET developers to utilize the very best toolsets safe in the knowledge that they are mv.NET and MultiValue compatible.
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Solution Objects Provides the Key to Integrating MultiValue Data with Modern Microsoft Platforms and Technologies

mv.NET Solution Objects takes MultiValue application development to new heights and, through its use of business objects provides the key to integrating MultiValue data with modern Microsoft platforms and technologies. It allows developers to retain existing investment in MultiValue-BASIC application code and, where necessary, enhance business logic within the .NET environment, while offering the ability to create amazing application interfaces using the very latest industry standard RIA technology. .NET developers can rapidly integrate MultiValue data and logic in HTML5, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WPF and any other .NET enabled Microsoft environments, servers and applications.
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BlueFinity Keeps Pace with Evolving Application Development Landscape

In accordance with the BlueFinity roadmap, the development team at BlueFinity International has released a new version of its flagship product: mv.NET. The latest release continues the rollout of important enhancements designed to provide the MultiValue community with increased longevity by enabling an even greater range of choice in the development of dynamic, enterprise class, MultiValue-based user interfaces and applications.
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BlueFinity's mv.NET Solution Objects Crowned MultiValue Technology of the Year

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, was crowned the winner of the International Spectrum Awards for the best new technology or solution in the MultiValue marketplace. An annual event, the International Spectrum Conference Awards are open for nominations from the worldwide MultiValue community. mv.NET Solution Objects was appointed best new technology innovation of the year by an expert panel of judges.
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