mv.NET Adapter Objects


Technical Overview and User Guide

Adapter Objects utilizes the Core Objects infrastructure to provide a complete ADO.NET managed data provider, incorporating dynamic bidirectional normalization of MultiValue/subvalue data. Adapter Objects supplies a 100% managed data provider implementation providing a standardized read/write interface to MultiValue databases. The contents of this Guide are designed to allow a developer to easily install, configure and use the wealth of functionality provided by the Adapter Objects product.


Included within the Bluefinity mv.NET suite of components is a sophisticated ADO.NET managed data provider, known as Adapter Objects providing a robust, high-performance data retrieval and update capability to developers who prefer to use ADO.NET as their data access methodology.

Adapter Objects provides a 100% ADO.NET compliant, pure managed code data provider. This industry standard technology is then augmented by a range of sophisticated extensions which allows the full power of MultiValue systems to be harnessed from within the ADO.NET framework.

Adapter Objects supports all of the links to other associated and commonly used .NET classes and components, such as typed datasets and databinding. It is also fully integrated with the Visual Studio IDE environment. ADO.NET is the standard method by which .NET developers are able to interact with databases. It comprises a large suite of class definitions which, collectively, provide a rich environment for database access and manipulation.   As well as providing a huge range of features for the developer, these features are also leveraged heavily by many of the other parts of mv.NET - Solution Objects and Core Objects.

Main Feature Set

High performance data retrieval

Adapter Objects is built upon the proven high performance mv.NET data retrieval technology.

Advanced MultiValue/subvalue handling

Allows extensive control over how MultiValue and subvalued data is handled during data retrieval and update.

Fetch-on-demand retrieval for the mvDataReader

Allows data retrieval to be partitioned into 'chunks' for scalable data access solutions.

SQL and MultiValuequery syntax

Allows developers to use the query syntax with which they are most familiar.

Sophisticated MultiValue/subvalue data 'exploding'

Allows row filtering down to subvalue level using multiple field selection criteria.

Typed DataSet generation

Allows typed datasets to be generated from your queries and then used programatically or with other .NET components, such as databinding.

Automatic maintenance of MultiValue/subvalue positions during normalized data update

This saves valuable development time by removing the need for the developer to write this code.

Sophisticated session management

Provides high performance, scalable session pooling for rapid database session connect and disconnect operations.

Automated data dictionary usage

Adapter Objects utilizes your native MultiValue dictionaries. An automated dictionary analyser is provided to allow native dictionaries to be augmented where necessary with 'extended' meta information.

Remote connectivity support

The unique 'Gateway' feature of Adapter Objects allows remote users to connect via raw VPN-less, firewall friendly internet-based connections.

Optimistic and pessimistic locking support

Allows the appropriate data locking model to be used.

Command builder and analyser

Allows your CommandText properties to be automatically built for you, or, if they have been built programmatically, to be checked syntactically and semantically by Adapter Objects.

Use the Components Best Suited to your Requirements

Uniquely with mv.NET, you get a broad range of components, each providing a slightly different slant on the challenge of providing .NET to MultiValue interoperability. If ADO.NET does not provide the power or flexibility demanded by your application, the other mv.NET technologies can be used to complement, where necessary, your use of ADO.NET.

For more information about Adapter Objects, please contact us for a free trial with the documentation set.