Evolve Your MultiValue Applications
Integrating MultiValue with Mainstream Technologies

BlueFinity leads the market in supplying tools which allow MultiValue developers to embrace the range of technologies compatible with Microsoft .NET.

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Services Generation
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Using mv.NET to generate Visual Studio application code

What BlueFinity products generate code and what kind of code is produced? How is code re-generation and code customization handled?

Take your tried and trusted MultiValue desktop (rich-client) line-of-business applications into the next decade with powerful .NET-based user interfaces.

mv.NET is a powerful and extensive toolset which enables MultiValue developers to harness the full power of both their MultiValue system and Microsoft's .NET application platform. Its unique set of features allows the developer to use the latest Microsoft technology while still leveraging all of the traditional benefits of MultiValuefunctionality. With support for all major MultiValue platforms, mv.NET is truly the essential tool for all MultiValue developers wishing to create .NET applications whether the need is to enhance current applications or to build completely new ones.

Pick Your Technology

The Bluefinity toolsets allow you select your rich-client technology of choice - WinForm, WPF, WinRT - the choice is yours.

Retain Your Investment

By using BlueFinity tools you are able to retain all of your current investment in MultiValue-based business logic and data, without compromising your ability to use the most up-to-date and powerful development environments.

Use Industry Standard Tools

Developing new application interfaces is not a trivial process. Make sure that you invest your development efforts in technologies that are proven, widely used world-wide and backed by the largest of industry partners. BlueFinity tools are based around Microsoft's proven .NET technology, allowing you to have peace of mind with any new application development investments.

Utilize Readily Available Developer Resources

By integrating with de-facto industry standard technologies, you are able to boost your application development initiatives with development resources outside of the MultiValue community allowing cost and timescale savings without compromising quality.

Both mv.NET's key aspects - MultiValue database access and .NET integration - stand as world-class technologies in their own right - but combined they provide a potent solution to the MultiValue developer, allowing them to progress their software application developments through this decade and into the next. 

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