Developing MultiValue Applications for Mobile Devices
Integrating MultiValue with Mainstream Technologies

BlueFinity leads the market in supplying tools which allow MultiValue developers to embrace the range of technologies compatible with Microsoft .NET.

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Creating Mobile Applications that Access MultiValue Data

What has Bluefinity done in this area? What are the main future developments in this arena?

Windows 8 and its Implications for the MultiValue World

What are the most significant new aspects of Windows 8? What will be the main impact of Windows 8 in terms of computer usage in general? In what ways will Windows 8 impact the MultiValue market?

Deploy MultiValue applications across  any of the wide range of today's interface devices - tablets, handhelds, phones and other mobile devices.

From our personal lives to how we do business, there is no doubt that modern technology has changed the way we do just about everything  There is a rapidly growing trend, fuelled by the rapid uptake of smartphone and tablet devices, for IT strategy to be driven by end-user expectation. Ultimately, it's all about being able to deliver solutions that address the evolving needs and expectations of users and customers.

BlueFinity leads the market in supplying Microsoft-centric tools which allow MultiValue developers to create and/or enhance powerhouse applications using the very latest technologies while still retaining their valuable and often substantial investment in MultiValue software and knowledge. Now, with mv.NET Solution Objects, these applications can be deployed against any of the wide range of user interface devices - workstations, tablets, handhelds, phones, and other mobile devices - and developed with the latest application delivery frameworks and tools.

Using mv.NET, it is possible to maximize the return on the investment in an existing MultiValue application and take valuable business logic to new heights by creating powerful mobile solutions that address the evolving needs of users and customers in a timely, comprehensible and affordable manner.

Developers can literally go from design to deployment in a matter of hours

Because BlueFinity provide all of the plumbing and framework to support your application creation process, you will save valuable time and money as well as reduce the inherent risks of developing your own framework in getting your application implemented and ready to launch. Using mv.NET's powerful, automatic web service generation capabilities, developers are able to create industry standard web services to populate user interfaces with MultiValue resident data in a fraction of the time normally taken to build this type of infrastructure. 

Utilize the MultiValue database of your choice

The fact that by using mv.NET you are not tying your solution to a particular MultiValue implementation makes mv.NET an attractive proposition for MultiValue developers needing to deliver modern user interfaces for their existing applications.

All of your mobile and .NET needs are embraced in one tool (mv.NET)

So if you write an add- on application or generate a new GUI for your existing MultiValue application it's all utilizing a single technology for the key middle-tier.

mv.NET allows developers to leverage strong code sharing capabilities against multiple mobile device platforms

This means the ability to share as much code as possible across the different implementations of the same application on various mobile platforms. This is true irrespective of whether you are developing software in C# or HTML/JavaScript.  Native applications can be produced for iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android using a common C# based development environment. Alternatively, browser based applications can be created using ASP.NET and HTML5 that adapt themselves to the appearance of native platforms. mv.NET provides the route to fulfill both of these requirements without learning multiple mobile platform skill sets.

.NET developers don't even need MultiValue knowledge to produce applications

Organizations can utilize the massive resource pool of .NET developers to boost application development bandwidth and reduce development timescales. Your in house developers who have no knowledge of mv.NET or MultiValue can develop entirely using industry standard technology in Visual Studio 2010.

mv.NET also supports Windows Phone and Windows 8

Think of it as Silverlight re-imagined! Utilize all of your existing Silverlight development skills to create stunning mobile applications for Microsoft's superb new interface for mobile devices.

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