Evoke FAQ and "Where did I go Wrong"

This section will be continually added to, adding questions asked by Evoke users and the answers given to them. It is split into sections which you can go directly to via the following links:

Running an App
Log in button appears in-active
Usually this is a browser cache problem. Try pressing control F5 to refresh the cache on a Windows device or on a mobile after the app name in the URL put "?xxx" to do the same and try again.
Users cannot login to my App
The first thing to check is that you have your EVLU file/table in your database, see EVLU reserved entity.
How does an app generated by Evoke work in Linux?
When Evoke generates an app design the user can select either .NET classic or .NET Core, selecting .NET core means the resultant web app can be hosted in Linux environment.

Can I clone/copy a segment on a page?
One of the adjust actions allows you to do this
Can I copy a page from one page series to another?
The actions in Page Series allow you to do this
How do I enable scrolling on or of a page?
Scrolling of a page in the Evoke Designer or on a mobile/desktop device is described in Pages.
How do I get prompts to line up across multiple segments?
The column headings look greyed out?
Ensure that show column headers is checked in the General Settings of the template.
I dont want a prompt on an entry or label field but want it to look the same as other entry or label fields?
Add underscore "_" in as the prompt, this will not be displayed but will still make the field act as if it has a prompt for prompt sizing groups or other fields with a prompt in the same segment..
I want to add a Pie Chart or other graph to my App
Use the Evoke Charting and Graphing feature in Content Type in the pages General tab.
I want to include only an image in a segment as part of the design
Use the Image feature in Content Type in the pages General tab.

Can I import Entity properties from my database files
The actions in Entities and Repositories provide this option
How do I have my app users in Canada see a date in DD/MM/YY and users in the US see a date in MM/DD/YY format
The date format, currency symbol, etc are set by the Culture property in the AppUser Entity. This is fully explained in Date Format Culture property

Visual Studio
How do I load a Visual Studio solution
In Visual Studio select open solution, then browse to the location you specificed in the "target folder" setting in "Visual Studio Settings" when generating your web App in Evoke. In this folder open the *.sln file.

I want to swap databases in my app i.e. from a development database to a live database
Please review the description of Swapping or changing Databases for details of the steps required to change a database

This section is not really about Evoke but gives some generic information about browsers that address some frequently asked questions
In Chrome when I swipe down on an Android device it refreshes/reloads the App
If you are using Google Chrome in Android the "Pull to refresh feature", set by default by Chrome, refreshes the browser session and takes you right out of the app back to the login screen. However, you can disable this feature. In the Chrome Browser URL bar type the following.... chrome://flags/#disable-pull-to-refresh-effect then use the search to find "pull-to-refresh" and as this is a feature to disable the function you have "enable" this (which enables the disable - not sure they thought that one through fully) and now when you swipe down on any webpage or app in Chrome on an Android the screen does not refresh.